• Statham Academy Sends Philippines, Thailand Teams To China Tournament

    Statham Academy sent two teams, one representing the Philippines and the other representing Thailand, to Anning, China this weekend to participate ...
  • Saugus Strong All Star Game for Charity

    “Taylor is one of those people who is in it for the next generation,” Eversley said. “It’s not about him, it’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame. If you’re 4 and dribble a basketball he wants to help, if you’re 35 and still trying to make the league he’ll try to help. 

    “So the rest of us that are still home for whatever reason, we wanted to come out and show him the support that we have for him and everybody here has that same love of giving back, so it gave us an opportunity to meet in one central place after a tragedy.”

  • Veteran’s Day 3x3 Tournament

    “I think just the biggest thing is bringing everybody together,” Statham said. “It was really special, everybody being there. A lot of the basketball teams were helping out, a lot of my friends who I’ve played with or against overseas coming down and I think it was just special, especially for the kids.” 
  • Elite 50 Showcase

    Top High School Basketball Players Show Skills in Ballout Elite Showcase
    Players teamed up and competed against each other in Ballout's top 50 elite showcase, where each game was filmed for players to help get exposure to colleges around the country. (c)2017 SCVTV
  • Indonesia Camp

    Ball Out x Forever Stand Tall bring a high level basketball camp all the way to Jakarta, Indonesia. Through the efforts of Gading Muda Basketball Club, Taylor Statham and Sampson Carter (Ex NBA Memphis Grizzly) hosted a camp that held almost 100 participants.